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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Beauty of Life

One day at the school, a student has asked his teacher..

When the teacher is teaching about "LOVE"

Student: "Sir, how we want to select one of the best as we love the most? How well I love it sustainable?

Teacher: "Ok, you follow what I say..You go to the field, walk on the grass, look the grass in front of you.. Choose the most beautiful grass without even once looked back again..

And you quote the most beautiful grass, bring it to the class"

When the students return to the class, not even a piece of grass at his hand..

Teacher: "why not choose the best grass?"

Student: "just the time i walk, i seek the most beautiful grass, there are many beautiful grass... but... my teacher said snap of the most beautiful, then i shall continue to walk forward while looking the most beautiful without a look back again...But until the end of the field.... I do not see even the most beautiful grass... May be some of that grass behind me just the most beautiful grass but...my teacher say can not look back again, so I can not quote the grass."

Teacher: "Yes, that's the answer...Which means that when we see someone we love, do not find another better than that...We should like those in front of us is the best. Don't look at the past because the past is already past...Hopefully, the past is not repeated...

And remember the most are the ones we love the most beautiful and the best. Although there is more beautiful as the grass..."

*Throughout my life I have tried to embrace the good and do my best not to focus on the bad. However, no one lives a perfect life. We all face challenges from time to time, some worse than others.

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